What are terminal and control boxes
Jul 30, 2021


What are terminal and control boxes and their purpose?

The main purpose is that terminal/control boxes house and protect electrical connection points for multiple wires. They come in various sizes and are made of various materials such as glass-reinforced polyester (GRP). For durability, stainless steel screws are usually used for any fixtures within the boxes. A key point is that these boxes are highly customizable with different sizes, different switches that can be installed outside the box and the wiring that can be done within the box.

These boxes can be/are used for the purpose of:

Control stations
Emergency call units
Instrument housings
Circuit breakers
Switches and changeover switches
Lighting controls
Terminal boxes
Electrical housing
Battery container

Another purpose of terminal/control boxes which are explosion proof rated are to prevent any sparks/fire from escaping within the box and potentially igniting any hazardous gases in the environment.

These explosion proof boxes would normally be used in chemical and petrochemical plants, offshore platforms and refineries and any other industries where hazardous gases may be potentially present.



Supermec offers a wide range of control and terminal boxes, you may view our range here.

Our CSE-P ex e enclosures are available in different sizes so to create a large and modular range with different heights. Our CSE-P ex e enclosures, joined together through dedicated flanges, can become a large panel, maintaining the original IP protection.

The materials used to manufacture our CSE P series have been studied to grant the maximum protection against highly corrosive agents present in corrosive environments:

  • Body and cover of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) black colored to provide the maximum UV protection and loaded with carbon, to eliminate the risk of ignition sources through static induced sparking resistivity.
  • For special purposes there are available, on request, other colors: grey, yellow, red and light blue
  • Anti-loosening screws on cover of stainless steel AISI 316
  • Gasket on cover of silicone
  • Internal fixing screws of stainless steel

All our products are customized to meet the strictest guidelines and standards in the industry.

Contact our friendly sales team at or you can drop us a call at +65 68619522 to find out more about our explosion proof solutions. Alternatively, you can visit our ecommerce platform where you can browse through the complete range of explosion proof products for various hazardous areas at your own time.