Everything You Need To Know About Polymer Insulated Heating Cables
Dec 07, 2021

What are polymer insulated heating cables?

Polymer insulated (PI) heating cables are cables where a stranded high temperature conductor wire is nickel plated to ensure a long life at elevated temperatures in highly corrosive environments. The conductor is electrically isolated using an innovative encompassing construction of selected high-temperature fluoropolymers. Additionally, a braid of nickel-plated copper strands provides extra mechanical protection as well as a low Ohmic resistance earth path. The outer layer is a PTFE jacket which ensures optimum chemical and high temperature resistance.

These cables are different from parallel-resistance heating cables such as self-regulating heating cables. PI cables are used when circuit lengths exceed the specifications of parallel heating cables, such as if there are not enough power points available to power the parallel heating cables.

Heat is generated in the central conductor through the principle of Ohmic resistance heating with the use of electricity.

Power output/temperature of a PI series heating system depends on the specific application. Design parameters may include type/resistance used, circuit length, applied voltage and electrical configuration which will directly influence the performance of the heating system.

Benefits of polymer insulated heating cables:

  • High temperature maintenance up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Able to be exposed to temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Wide range of usable circuit length of between a few meters to up to 5 kilometers and powered by only a single power source
  • Up to 750 VAC supply voltage
  • Ease of on-site installation

Some common applications of polymer insulated heating cables would include industrial applications in gas plants and refineries.

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