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Male Plug with External Hexagon (Zone 1 and 2) PLH

The adaptors and plugs are normally used in the chemical and pretrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and any other industry where hazardous atmospheres (gas and combustible dust) are potentially present.

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Unit Of Measurement (UOM):

The PLH plug is used for closing the hubs of Ex e and Ex d enclosures before installation of cable glands and/or conduit fittings so to prevent the entrance of dust. The plugs with cylindrical threads must be fixed with internal locknut.


PLH 02N 1/4” PLH 02M M12 x 1.5
PLH 01N 3/8” PLH 01M M16 x 1.5
PLH 1N 1/2” PLH 1M M20 x 1.5
PLH 2N 3/4” PLH 2M M25 x 1.5
PLH 3N 1” PLH 3M M32 x 1.5
PLH 4N 1” 1/4 PLH 4M M40 x 1.5
PLH 5N 1” 1/2 PLH 5M M50 x 1.5
PLH 6N 2” PLH 6M M63 x 1.5
PLH 7N 2” 1/2 PLH 7M M75 x 1.5
PLH 8N 3” PLH 8M M90 x 1.5
PLH 10N 4” PLH 10M M110 x 1.5

The plugs are normally installed on Ex d and Ex e enclosures to protect the internal equipment by the penetration of liquids and dust before the installation of the conduit fittings and cable glands. They also allow the presence of spare hubs on the enclosure to be used in case of future expansions. The adaptors are used to resolve all the problems connected to the conduit installation as joints and direct connections of equipment with different sizes of threads and/or different types of thread. The adaptors and plugs with cylindrical threads are equipped with O-ring to grant an IP 66/68 protection to the enclosure.

The materials used to manufacture the adaptors and plugs have been studied to grant the maximum protection against the highly corrosive agents present in these industries.
They are available in:
• brass
• nickel-plated brass
• galvanized steel
• stainless steel AISI 316
The O-ring are made of neoprene and, for low and high temperature environments, of silicone.
The design of all the adaptors and plugs includes the presence of a hexagon shape to facilitate the installation and to grant the correct tightening level.
All the equipment have the double marking for Ex d and Ex e installations with the sole exception of the components threaded with PG – DIN 40430 that are available only for Ex e installations.

certificate number: IMQ 12 ATEX 007U TC RU C-IT.AA87.B.00509
marking: ` II 2GD Ex d IIC Gb - Ex e IIC Gb - Ex tb IIIC Db
ambient temperature: -40°C +80°C
degree of protection: IP66 / IP68
conformity: Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU TP TC 012/2011
standards: IEC-EN60079-0 IEC-EN60079-1 IEC-EN60079-7 IEC-EN60079-31 ГОСТ 31610.0 ГОСТ IEC 60079-1 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-7 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-31
category: suitable for Zone 1 - 21 (gas) and Zone 2 - 22 (dust)