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Luminaire Push Button

The UH-UP operators are normally used in the chemical and petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and any other industry where hazardous atmospheres (gas and combustible dust) are potentially present. The UH-UP operators range has been designed to meet the main requirements of power distribution, monitoring and signaling, and other electrical functions inside the hazardous area of the plant.

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Unit Of Measurement (UOM):

Spring-return luminaire push button unit. Bushing ø M32. Supplied complete with LED unit in different voltage and one electrical contacts as listed and as option, with different combinations of contacts NO and NC for a maximum number of four units (see table 1). Available in different colours as side listed.

WPBL Spring-return luminaire push button unit, supplied complete with LED module with different voltage and one electrical contact as listed. Available in different colours as per side table.




Red 1 NC+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL W1 White
1 NC+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL G1 Green
1 NC+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL Y1 Yellow
1 NC+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL B1 Blue
1 NC+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc




1 NO+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL W2 White
1 NO+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL G2 Green
1 NO+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL Y2 Yellow
1 NO+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc
WPBL B2 Blue
1 NO+ LED 24-240 Vac 24-36 Vdc




Red LED + NC
UPBL W White
UPBL G Green
UPBL O Orange LED + NO
UPBL Y Yellow LED + NO

The WH - WP - WA series are normally installed on CSE enclosures series used for the following main applications: • control station and instrument housing

• motor starter unit

• instrument housing

• lighting control panel and fitted with other electrical and/or electronic equipment as per our client specific requirements.

The material used to manufacture the UH-UP operators and WA instruments have been studied to grant the maximum protection against the highly corrosive agents present in these industries:

• the external components (handle, push-button, diffuser, ect.) are made of high-quality antistatic and UV-protected polymers and provided with EPDM sealing to mantain the IP66 level of protection of whole control station;

• the internal Ex d components are made of high quality thermoplastic and are available for standard installation on cover or, as option, on a dedicated mounting rail;

• the larger handles are padlockable in different positions (upon request)

• the LED units for pilot light and luminaire push button are available with two range of voltage as indicated in the ordering table;

• the rated current of Ex switch module is up to 16 Amp. and its mechanical life is 1,000,000 times;

• the high brightness and the electrical life of LED units are granted for a minimum of 100,000 hours;

• the diffuser of pilot lights and luminaire push button units have a special design to grant a high visibility degree in any situation

• the external components are fixed directly on cover with a Ø 30 mm. hubs and a directional anchor point depending by type of installation requested.

certificate number: ATEX & IECEx certificates available TC RU C-IT.AA87.B.00509

marking: `II 2GD Ex d e mb IIC T6 Gb Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db (control stations)

ambient temperature: –55°C +60°C

degree of protection: IP66

conformity: Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU TP TC 012/2011

standards: IEC-EN60079-0 IEC-EN60079-1 IEC-EN60079-7 ГОСТ 31610.0 ГОСТ IEC 60079-1 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-7 IEC-EN60079-11 IEC-EN 60079-18 IEC-EN60079-31 ГОСТ 31610.11 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-18 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-31

category: suitable for Zone 1 - 21 (gas) and Zone 2 - 22 (dust)