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Pilot Light

The UH-UP operators are normally used in the chemical and petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and any other industry where hazardous atmospheres (gas and combustible dust) are potentially present. The UH-UP operators range has been designed to meet the main requirements of power distribution, monitoring and signaling, and other electrical functions inside the hazardous area of the plant.

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Unit Of Measurement (UOM):

UPL LED pilot light unit. Bushing Ø M32. Supplied complete with LED unit in different voltage as per electrical circuit requirements. Available in different colours as per side table and as option, engraved with electrical symbols.




Red LED 12-30-Vac/dc
UPL W1 White
LED 12-30-Vac/dc
UPL G1 Green
LED 12-30-Vac/dc
UPL O1 Orange
LED 12-30-Vac/dc
UPL Y1 Yellow
LED 12-30-Vac/dc
UPL B1 Blue
LED 12-30-Vac/dc




Red LED 120 Vac
UPL W2 White LED 120 Vac
UPL G2 Green LED 120 Vac
UPL O2 Orange LED 120 Vac
UPL Y2 Yellow LED 120 Vac
UPL B2 Blue LED 120 Vac




Red LED 230 Vac
UPL W3 White
LED 230 Vac
UPL G3 Green
LED 230 Vac
UPL O3 Orange
LED 230 Vac
UPL Y3 Yellow
LED 230 Vac
UPL B3 Blue
LED 230 Vac

To grant the possibility for the client to solve easily any problem of maintenance and/or modification of the functions, the coloured push button caps and pilot light lens are easily removable without the risk to reduce the explosion proof protection. This operation has to be handled by responsible working staff so to assure the reinstatement of the electrical and visual functionality of the control modified. The coloured caps and lens are available in different colours and can be engraved with electrical symbols as per below tables.

The material used to manufacture the UH-UP operators and WA instruments have been studied to grant the maximum protection against the highly corrosive agents present in these industries:

• the external components (handle, push-button, diffuser, ect.) are made of high-quality antistatic and UV-protected polymers and provided with EPDM sealing to mantain the IP66 level of protection of whole control station;

• the internal Ex d components are made of high quality thermoplastic and are available for standard installation on cover or, as option, on a dedicated mounting rail;

• the larger handles are padlockable in different positions (upon request)

• the LED units for pilot light and luminaire push button are available with two range of voltage as indicated in the ordering table;

• the rated current of Ex switch module is up to 16 Amp. and its mechanical life is 1,000,000 times;

• the high brightness and the electrical life of LED units are granted for a minimum of 100,000 hours;

• the diffuser of pilot lights and luminaire push button units have a special design to grant a high visibility degree in any situation

• the external components are fixed directly on cover with a Ø 30 mm. hubs and a directional anchor point depending by type of installation requested.

certificate number: ATEX & IECEx certificates available TC RU C-IT.AA87.B.00509

marking: `II 2GD Ex d e mb IIC T6 Gb Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db (control stations)

ambient temperature: –55°C +60°C

degree of protection: IP66

conformity: Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU TP TC 012/2011

standards: IEC-EN60079-0 IEC-EN60079-1 IEC-EN60079-7 ГОСТ 31610.0 ГОСТ IEC 60079-1 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-7 IEC-EN60079-11 IEC-EN 60079-18 IEC-EN60079-31 ГОСТ 31610.11 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-18 ГОСТ Р МЭК 60079-31

category: suitable for Zone 1 - 21 (gas) and Zone 2 - 22 (dust)