Analyzer House & System Integration

The demand for customized analyzer systems has increased rapidly with analyzer manufacturers building more sophisticated systems to cater for Oil & Gas industries, Chemical processing Plant etc., where flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, and easily-ignitable fibers are present.

Be it for gas or liquid sample analysis, Supermec is well-equipped to provide a total solution for all kinds of analyzer requirements with applications ranging from:

  • Production & quality control of petrochemical end products
  • Control of process units
  • Monitoring of trace contaminants
  • Measurement of heating value

The typical scope of work for analyzer house integration includes:

  • Analyzer shelter layout
  • Design consideration
  • Steel structure
  • HVAC System
  • Shelter fire & gas detection system
  • Utility
  • Electrical
  • Network communication system configuration

Supermec’s system integration of analyzers and measurement technology continuously provide the relevant process parameters, ensuring optimum process control. In this way, the systems secure the quality of production results in accordance with applicable standards, product-related specifications, and your requirements.

We configure the devices and integrate various analyser makes to suit your specific process requirements, acting as a complete system integrator for your custom analyzer shelter needs. Supermec has in-depth know-how in applications for gas and liquid samples, and vast experience working with top notch analyzer house and sampling system builders worldwide who are experts in analyzer house and shelters, sample pre-conditioning systems (SPS), and sample recover systems (SRS).

Supermec is your preferred partner for all aspects of analytical application. From project management, design, procurement, construction, IFAT facilities management, supply, installation to commissioning of your system. We will gladly assist you in the search for the optimum solution to your measurement task. Should you require any specifically design in hazardous area measuring system, our ex-proof team will always be there to work in-line with you to optimize your design. Our main goals are attaining sturdiness, reliability and quality in the various application areas.

Analyzer House

  • Customized Solutions to suit Clients’ Needs
    • Supply complete with piping, wiring and junction boxes
    • Design with complete HVAC system, correctly planned electrical circuitry & to any installation and signage standards required
    • Can be with shelters to protect equipment in cabinets
    • Equipped with various type of analyzers, gas chromatographs, FGS equipment, loggers, and complete subsystems to serve multiple lines and sampling points etc.
  • Pre-Fabricated
    • Quality Assurance
    • Easy site installation
    • All-inclusive plug-and-play
    • Complete analyzer shelter can comes with lifting hooks and anchor pads

We recommend and provide the following in all zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas:

  • Weatherproof, explosion proof, or flame proof equipment
  • HVAC System for Analyzer house
  • Power Distribution Board
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Local Control Station
  • Junction boxes for EHT and Instruments
  • ELV System