ATEX-Approved Products


Heat Tracing Cables

A Heat Tracing System is an engineered system designed to maintain or protect process piping, equipment, vessels, and instruments at defined temperatures and within specified design criteria.

Supermec has the resources and expertise to provide complete Heat Management Systems for your projects everywhere in the world. These include applications involving processes in pipes, wells, tanks and vessels and meet the needs of many different industries.

In addition to pipe-tracing systems, there are standard (off-the-shelf) products, or customized solutions meet a broad variety of needs.

Raychem Heat Tracing Cable

Raychem Heat Trace Solutions Raychem revolutionized the heat-tracing industry when it invented self-regulating heater technology over 40 years ago. We provide a variety of Raychem heat trace solutions and heating cables catering to various site conditions and project requirements, including power-limiting cables, mineral insulated cables, and skin-effect sy... Read More

Power Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes Read More

Heat Trace Thermostat

Sensing, Monitoring & Control Device Many aspects can influence the selection of the control and monitoring system for each project and application. The most effective solutions are often a blend of various combined technologies to achieve a balance between total installed costs, total operating cost, and long-term benefits associated with the entire he... Read More

EHT System Accessories

Connection kits and system accessories are rugged, resist corrosion, take less time to install, have fewer parts and permit visible monitoring status of power and continuity. Read More