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Junction Box Single Entry (Ex e) JBS

The JBS-100 kit is designed to connect power to a single Raychem brand BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV, or VPL heating cable. It is approved by FM, CSA, PTB and IEx for use in hazardous locations.

The JBS-100 integrates the functions of connection kits and insulation entries. The rugged stand protects the heating cable and allows for up to four inches (100 mm) of thermal insulation.

The cold-applied core sealer does not require a heat gun or torch for installation, so no hot work permit is necessary. The silicone-free, noncuring sealant allows easy installation and re-entry for maintenance.

Innovative spring clamp terminals provide fast installation and safe, reliable, maintenance-free operation.

Compared with other systems, this connection kit significantly reduces installation time. The kit is offered in three versions, customized for local installation practices, and is also available with a plug-in LED light (-L) that indicates when power is supplied to the heating cable circuit.

The kit contains all the necessary materials for a complete installation except for one pipe strap, which must be ordered separately.

Unit Price:

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Unit Of Measurement (UOM):

JBS-100-A, A6 JBS-100-L-A: This kit has a junction box with one through hole.

JBS-100-EJBS-100-L-E: This kit has a junction box with two M25 threaded entries, one stopping plug and one plastic power cable gland.

JBS-100-EPJBS-100-L-EP: This kit has a junction box with two M25 threaded entries, an earthing plate and an external earthing stud. It is designed for use with armored power cables.

Power connection for one heating cable in non-hazardous and hazardous locations. Includes cold-applied heating cable core seal. Requires one pipe strap to be ordered separately.

With LED indicator light, order JBS-100-L-E


Minimum Installation temperatureMinimum Ambient TemperatureMaximum Ambient    Temperature*Maximum Pipe  TemperatureMaximum conductor sizeMaximum operating voltageMaximum circuit breaker rating
JBS-100-A, A6 -40°C –60°C 56°C 260°C 8 AWG (A6 to 6 AWG) 480 Vac 50 A
JBS-100-E -40°C –50°C 56°C 260°C 10 mm2 480 Vac 40 A
JBS-100-EP -40°C –50°C 56°C 260°C 10 mm2 480 Vac 40 A