Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment

Supermec has been around since 1977 and we have been successfully designing and supplying custom explosion proof electrical equipment across Asia Pacific, Middle East regions and Europe. We handle the full process from the electrical design, engineering, testing, commissioning as well as the delivery of the final product. Regardless of the project size, our dedicated experienced team of explosion proof electrical specialists will work tirelessly with you to achieve the desired outcomes for your project. We deal with a full range of explosion proof products and accessories that are in local stock so this in turn leads to quick turnaround time in meeting your business requirements. You may also read more about us here.

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What is the meaning of Explosion Proof?

For a product to be, or electrical equipment classified as “Explosion Proof”, it means that the enclosure of the product must be able to internally withstand:

  • Any internal explosion.
  • Any sparks generated internally and preventing these sparks from igniting any vapors, gases, fibers or dust in the surrounding environment.

This also means that we should not make the mistake that Explosion Proof Electrical Products are able to withstand any external explosion(s) that happens outside of the enclosure, rather it is the ability of the enclosure to prevent any internal explosion or sparks from escaping into the external environment and being the cause of a larger explosion. The term “explosion proof” is also interchangeable with “flameproof”.

Normally, explosion proof products are used in hazardous locations to reduce risk and increase safety of workplace operations. You can find out more regarding the different hazardous locations here.

Therefore, using Explosion Proof Electrical products would benefit you in the following ways:

  • Safety

No employee would want to work in an unsafe environment or expose themselves to unnecessary risk in hazardous environments. This would allow your employee to focus on his/her job and boost productivity and morale. Your employees would be at ease knowing they are working at an organization that values their safety by using explosion proof products.

  • Reputation

Your organization’s reputation is definitely an important factor and using explosion proof products would help in that aspect by minimizing any external explosions and mishaps. This would ensure a clean safety record and encourage other organizations to work with yours. Future employees might also research on your company before deciding to join so it would be beneficial to have a good safety record.

  • Cost Benefits

By using certified explosion proof products, you would minimize damage to your facility by containing any explosion to within the enclosure itself and not to the surrounding areas. Another important fact is any reduced external explosion would minimize any risk to your staff and reduce greatly the chance for cost relating to medical claims or staff suing your company for any workplace mishaps.

There are 2 main certification bodies that certify explosive proof equipment:

  • ATEX directive

You can find out more about the above 2 independent certifications here. These 2 certifications are acceptable throughout most parts of the world, although North America uses the NEMA standard, while Russia uses the EAC Ex standard.

Engineering Design/Drawing Approval

Our design engineers use AutoCAD software which is the industry standard to prepare detailed custom drawings based on your specifications. This also leads to quick turnaround time in making any revisions to the drawings. We would also provide expert advice on the different ways you can customize and configure the various explosion proof products that we carry to your needs. Once the drawings are approved, next would be the production/testing phase.

Autocad drawing EJB Junction Box 45 A 

Autocad drawing Junction Box GUB 3A

Production/Testing/Quality Control

We maintain the strictest standards during the production phase for our explosion proof electrical equipment.

The first step is the casting process where your order gets meticulously casted in our dedicated factory by our specialists in Europe.

When the enclosure is ready, we configure it based on your requirements and confirmed drawings, including drilling of entries and integrating electrical components. This is all done at our certified workshops located in Singapore, UAE, and Slovenia.

Supermec Solvenia Factory

Supermec Explosion Proof Junction Boxes

Next, once the final product is ready, it will go through testing by our experienced QA/QC engineers to ensure it meets all the product certifications and required standards before it is ready to be delivered and installed.

Supermec Junction Box Quality Control Inspection

Supermec Junction Box Quality Control Inspection 2

Troubleshooting & Maintenance Services

If there are any issues, rest assured our skilled and friendly colleagues will be on hand to provide any troubleshooting and maintenance services that are required. We also offer services ranging from spare parts replacement, ad-hoc corrective repairs, to regular checks and scheduled preventive maintenance.

Supermec Qualified Installation Team

Supermec Explosion Proof Electrical Products and Accessories

Our range of Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment and ATEX products are manufactured with the latest available technologies, both mechanical and electrical, using materials that guarantee the best protection against corrosive agents as well as to provide you with modern functionality and long durability concurrently.

We are confident in consistently meeting your specific needs and high-quality standards.

We like to introduce to you our following range of fully customizable explosion proof products for hazardous areas:

Our Clients

Supermec Clients

We would thus love to speak to you further.

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