Everything You Need To Know About Polymer Insulated Heating Cables

Dec 07, 2021

What are polymer insulated heating cables? Polymer insulated (PI) heating cables are cables where a stranded high temperature conductor wire is nickel plated to ensure a long life at elevated temperatures in highly corrosive environments. The conductor is electrically isolated using an innovative encompassing construction of selected high-temperature fluoropolymers. Additionally, a braid of nickel-plated copper strands provides extra mechanical protection as well a... Read More

What are self-regulating heating cables

Nov 08, 2021

Introduction Self-regulating heating cables are easier to use and implement as compared to other heat-tracing technologies. They incorporate a heating element that is made up of a polymer core and two parallel conductors. As the surrounding atmospheric temperatures around the cable decreases, the conductive core contracts on a microscopical level, decreasing the electrical resistance and creating numerous electrical paths between the conductors and when electrici... Read More

Your ATEX and IECEx Reference Guide

Oct 07, 2021

Your ATEX and IECEx Reference Guide We created this guide to allow you to easily reference the different symbols and what the symbols mean in reference to ATEX/IECEx. You may find out more about ATEX/IECEx in another article here. Please see below and we hope this helps you. Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment Markings Explosion Groups Equipment Group and Category Temperature Type of Protection IP Protection Degree – EN 60529 Equipment Protec... Read More

Different approaches to explosion protection in hazardous areas

Aug 30, 2021

Introduction There are various methods to greatly reduce the risk of an explosion happening in hazardous areas. The key objective of these methods is to remove one (or more) components from the “Fire Triangle” and to prevent an explosion from occurring. The fire triangle as per below shows the 3 components needed for combustion and to prevent an explosion, these 3 components must not exist near each other. Source: Read More

What are terminal and control boxes

Jul 30, 2021

Introduction What are terminal and control boxes and their purpose? The main purpose is that terminal/control boxes house and protect electrical connection points for multiple wires. They come in various sizes and are made of various materials such as glass-reinforced polyester (GRP). For durability, stainless steel screws are usually used for any fixtures within the boxes. A key point is that these boxes are highly customizable with different sizes, different swi... Read More