How To Reduce The Operational Cost Of Your Heat Trace System

Jun 30, 2023

Heat-tracing cables are vital for maintaining the integrity and functionality of pipelines, tanks, and other equipment in various industries. However, a heat trace system can significantly contribute to operational expenses if not optimised effectively. When looking at any heat tracing project, businesses must consider two types of costs – Total Investment Cost (TIC) and Total Operating Cost (TOC). Generally, most entrepreneurs focus on TIC without taking ... Read More

3 Benefits To Installing A Self-Regulating Heat Trace System

Jun 27, 2023

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of critical systems and preventing freeze damage, there are various types of heat tracing technology on the market. Among the different options available, self-regulating heating cables stand out as one of the most effective heating solutions. Learn more about how this system works and how it benefits your business. How does a self-regulating heating cable work? Self-regulating heating cables operate on a unique pri... Read More

5 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Hazardous Lighting

Jun 23, 2023

Lighting is an essential component of any workspace, especially hazardous environments. Appropriate lighting solution is crucial for maintaining safety and preventing accidents. Whether you are outfitting an industrial facility, a chemical plant, or an oil refinery, selecting the correct hazardous lighting is paramount. So before making a purchase, let us share the five vital factors to consider to ensure you choose an appropriate lighting solution. Learn More: ... Read More

LED Lights: Do They Carry Fire And Explosion Risks?

Jun 23, 2023

LED lights have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering practical and economical options for public, residential, and industrial lighting. As LED becomes the industrial norm for light fittings, a question arises, "Are LED lights safe for use in explosion-risk areas?". After all, in confined spaces where combustible substances are present, any lighting equipment must be explosion-proof. Do LED lights carry fire and explosion risks? Let us address ... Read More

Why Distilleries Require Hazardous Lighting

Jun 22, 2023

Distilleries are complex environments where the production of spirits takes place. The processes involved in this production can result in a potentially explosive atmosphere, as flammable vapour is released during distillation and storage. Furthermore, considering that distilleries often serve a dual role as a manufacturing area for spirits and a tourist attraction, you can see why the correct selection of hazardous lighting solutions is paramount.  These e... Read More