What is Personal Protective Equipment and the different types of PPE explained

Dec 23, 2020

What is “PPE” and what does it stand for? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and this equipment would provide a level of safety and protection for users who are using them. PPE is required to be worn before being exposed to any industrial hazards. PPE should be always kept in good working condition as if the PPE is to fail the user, the user would be exposed to unwanted and potentially dangerous hazards. Training on PPE is necessary for employ... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Cable Glands

Nov 26, 2020

What are cable glands? Cable glands are cable connectors/fittings which are used for sealing the ends of cables and securing them tightly to other electrical equipment such as explosion proof junction box enclosures, electrical terminals, and plugs. Their benefit is that they can protect delicate electrical wiring from rust, corrosion, water, and harmful gases. The glands can be made of materials such as brass, brass nickel plated and SS316. Cable glands need to m... Read More

What is the difference between earthing and grounding?

Oct 27, 2020

Earthing definition: Earthing means the process of protecting ourselves and physical property against any unwanted electrical discharge. If earthing is not present in an electrical equipment, if any human skin touches the equipment itself, they have a chance of getting an electrical shock. The benefit of “earthing” an electrical equipment is that any current leakage will be discharged into the earth and therefore protect any electrical personnel from ge... Read More

The Definitive Guide to IP Ratings

Sep 25, 2020

What does “IP Rating” stand for and what does it mean? IP Ratings is a short form for Ingress Protection (IP) mark, IEC standard 60529. This system was started by the International Electrotechnical Commission or short form IEC. IP Ratings are normally comprised of two digits that is commonly used for electrical items such as current day mobile phones or mechanical enclosures such as explosion proof enclosures. This rating would be able to tell people i... Read More

Check Out Our New Supermec Product Video

Aug 28, 2020

Hi there! Hope everyone is doing fine and in good health. We have put together a short but exciting Supermec introduction video just for you. You would be able to see a quick overview of the products we offer, and we promise we will not take more than two minutes of your time. Kindly check it out below! Enjoy! You can let us know what you think about the video as well, please send any correspondence to and we will respond to you. An... Read More