What is Explosion Proof (Ex-Proof)?

Nov 09, 2021

What Is Explosion Proof? The concept of explosion proof does not mean a product can withstand any external explosion. For a product, such as explosion proof junction boxes to be classified as explosion proof it would have to be able to contain any explosion originating within the housing due to any sparks from within and prevent igniting vapours, gases, dust or fibres in the air surrounding it. For safety reasons, when equipment is based in hazardous areas, it ... Read More

What are self-regulating heating cables

Nov 08, 2021

Introduction Self-regulating heating cables are easier to use and implement as compared to other heat-tracing technologies. They incorporate a heating element that is made up of a polymer core and two parallel conductors. As the surrounding atmospheric temperatures around the cable decreases, the conductive core contracts on a microscopical level, decreasing the electrical resistance and creating numerous electrical paths between the conductors and when electrici... Read More