Choosing The Right Push button & Pilot Light Colours For Your Equipment Interface

Feb 23, 2023

Choosing The Right Push button & Pilot Light Colours For Your Equipment Interface As a business owner, you might be more comfortable in a boardroom analysing your company's performance. But place yourself in front of one of an industrial machine, and you will probably find everything disconcerting. Given the different HMI screens, push buttons of all colours, and the various indicator lights flashing across the control panel, the interface can seem like a Ch... Read More

Single Vs Double Compression Explosion-Proof Cable Gland: What Are The Differences

Feb 16, 2023

Simply put, you require explosion-proof cable glands to ensure the protection of your electrical equipment and enclosures in a hazardous environment. However, knowing you need an explosion-proof cable gland and choosing the correct one is a different matter. After all, there are various factors, such as the type of cable, size, and ingress protection, to consider. The most commonly used explosion-proof cable glands include single-compression and double-compressi... Read More

Explosion-Proof Cable Gland Selection Guide: Types And Applications

Feb 02, 2023

Explosion-proof cable glands are the mechanical cable entry devices attached to the end of electrical cables, securing them to other electrical equipment, such as explosion-proof junction boxes, electrical terminals, and plugs. They are essential for terminating cables in harsh or hazardous areas where sealing and ingress protection is necessary. Additionally, they offer strain relief and protect delicate electrical wiring from corrosion, harmful gases, rust, and... Read More