How To Troubleshoot Your Electrical Heat Trace System

Sep 29, 2023

Heat tracing systems are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of pipelines, tanks, and equipment in various industries. However, even though the equipment is designed and manufactured to be robust, problems can still crop up like any electrical system. As such, you must understand how to address some of the typical issues associated with heat tracing systems, determine the root cause, and take appropriate corrective actions. Let us share how ... Read More

4 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Explosion-Proof LED Light Fixtures

Sep 26, 2023

In an industrial setting, where safety and illumination are vital to the many operations there, explosion-proof LED light fixtures are absolutely essential. Designed to withstand hazardous environments, these lights provide a stable and safe source of illumination that the various industries need to function. However, like any other lighting technology, explosion-proof LED flood lights also require proper care and maintenance to ensure they continue to perform op... Read More

3 Factors To Consider When Selecting Explosion-Proof Lighting For Your Warehouse

Sep 06, 2023

Working in a warehouse environment can be dangerous, given that workers operate in an enclosed environment with limited ventilation. The risk is even higher if the business deals with combustible substances. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for ensuring your employees have everything they need to work safely in such environments. The Essential Factors To Consider When Selecting Explosion-Proof Lighting One crucial aspect to consider when attempting to... Read More

How To Install Your Explosion-Proof Cable Gland

Sep 05, 2023

As a tool specifically designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable and the device it is connected to in a hazardous area, your explosion-proof cable gland plays a pivotal role in cable management. Additionally, it provides earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding, and strain relief, as well as repels contaminants like dust, dirt, and fluids. As such, it is essential that you install the cable gland correctly to ensure optimal function. Let us share... Read More

What You Need To Know About Explosion-Proof Outlets

Sep 04, 2023

If there is one thing we cannot live without, it is electricity. However, working with electricity carries potential hazards, even more so if your business deals with hazardous or explosive materials. In these instances, you will require explosion-proof switch socket outlets to supply the workspace with power while safeguarding the well-being of your employees and property. What is an explosion-proof outlet? If you are not already aware, an explosion-proof p... Read More