What is the difference between earthing and grounding?
Oct 27, 2020

Earthing definition:

Earthing means the process of protecting ourselves and physical property against any unwanted electrical discharge. If earthing is not present in an electrical equipment, if any human skin touches the equipment itself, they have a chance of getting an electrical shock. The benefit of “earthing” an electrical equipment is that any current leakage will be discharged into the earth and therefore protect any electrical personnel from getting an electric shock. A common usage of “earthing” is to direct lightning strikes into the earth via lighting rods on the highest point of any physical property.

Grounding definition:

What grounding means is the process by which the parts that carry electrical current, such as wires are directly connected to the earth. This protects the connected electrical system in the case if there were to be any current leakage as the unwanted leakage will be directed to the earth safely.

Difference between earthing and grounding:

Source: BYJUS


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