Supermec Partners with QBE To Offer Business Insurance Solutions

Jul 30, 2020

Supermec offers comprehensive general insurance for companies together with partner QBE insurance. SMEs are now able to protect themselves with various levels of financial protection matching the various levels of risk. The level of protection can be customized accordingly based on your current business needs and risk appetite. About Supermec: Supermec Private Limited, established since 1977, has been delivering more than 40 years of extensive international experi... Read More

CASE STUDY: Increasing Website Traffic & Leads with Digital Marketing

Jun 22, 2020

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the utilization of various sources and mediums such as mobile devices, the world wide web (Internet), search engines and social media to reach end consumers. We currently live in a world that is becoming more and more digital as information and transactions are moving onto the internet and hence the importance of digital marketing as more consumers are going online, businesses should engage in digital marketing ef... Read More

Electrical Heat Tracing vs Steam Tracing

May 04, 2020

Overview of Heat – Tracing Systems The practice of heating piping to keep the liquid in the piping at a constant/set temperature requires a heat tracing system. For the purposes of this article, we can broadly classify heat- tracing systems into two categories: Electric Fluid In the past, steam tracing has historically been a more common form of heat tracing but due to advancements in technology, electrical heat tracing has become a viable way of heat... Read More

What are Distributed Control Systems?

Mar 25, 2020

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) In this article, we will be sharing more about distributed control systems and their various benefits and functions. As an example, within the oil & gas/manufacturing industry, different systems may be introduced to automate any processes and reduce any human intervention with these systems.  The benefits of these systems are to save cost in the long run and keep any injuries as low or avoid them if possible. Distributed... Read More

Ex e VS Ex d Enclosures – What’s the difference?

Oct 25, 2019

What are explosion proof enclosures? Explosion proof enclosures are boxes that can be made of various materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel or sheet metal. The key purpose of these enclosures is to protect the surrounding environment outside the enclosure by having the ability to contain any sparks or explosions within the enclosure itself. The enclosure itself must also be heat resistant to high heat so that any fire does not escape the enclosure itse... Read More