LED Lights: Do They Carry Fire And Explosion Risks?

Jun 23, 2023

LED lights have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering practical and economical options for public, residential, and industrial lighting. As LED becomes the industrial norm for light fittings, a question arises, "Are LED lights safe for use in explosion-risk areas?". After all, in confined spaces where combustible substances are present, any lighting equipment must be explosion-proof. Do LED lights carry fire and explosion risks? Let us address ... Read More

Why Distilleries Require Hazardous Lighting

Jun 22, 2023

Distilleries are complex environments where the production of spirits takes place. The processes involved in this production can result in a potentially explosive atmosphere, as flammable vapour is released during distillation and storage. Furthermore, considering that distilleries often serve a dual role as a manufacturing area for spirits and a tourist attraction, you can see why the correct selection of hazardous lighting solutions is paramount.  These e... Read More

Electric Heat Tracing: Understanding The Proper Installation Procedures

Jun 19, 2023

Electric heat tracing is vital in many industries, providing a reliable solution for maintaining the desired temperature in pipes and vessels. However, proper installation procedures are crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the heat tracing system. Let us explore the essential steps and safety practices to follow during the installation of the heat tracing cable. Receiving, storing, and handling of the heat tracing cable It is recommended to inspec... Read More

How Does A Self-Regulating Heating Cable Work?

Jun 14, 2023

In the quest for efficient and reliable heating solutions, businesses often encounter the need to regulate temperatures in diverse settings. Enter self-regulating heating cables. This type of heat-tracing cable offers an innovative way to maintain optimal temperatures in various applications, from frost protection in pipelines to floor heating in commercial spaces. For commercial buildings, self-regulating heating cables provide a long-term, reliable solution to... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Ex d Enclosures

Jun 07, 2023

In industries where explosive atmospheres are present, safety is of paramount importance. These environments require special precautions and protection to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment. That is where Ex d enclosures come into play. These specialised equipment are designed to provide protection against explosive atmospheres, ensuring safety in the workplace. Read on to learn more about these enclosures and how they work. What is an Ex d enclosure? ... Read More