5 Facts About Explosion-Proof LED Lighting

Jun 06, 2023

Explosion-proof LED lighting is critical in hazardous environments, providing workers with an illumination source to carry out their work while minimising the risk of explosions. These specialised lighting fixtures offer a range of benefits, from energy efficiency to safety features. As a result, this explosion-proof lighting should be an integral part of any work environment containing traces of flammable or explosive substances in the atmosphere. But before yo... Read More

Comparing The Different Types Of Heat-Tracing Cables

Jun 05, 2023

Heat-tracing cables are essential in industries where temperature maintenance and freeze protection are critical. These cables provide a reliable solution to prevent freezing and maintain consistent temperatures in various applications. However, there are different heat tracing cables available on the market. Each works differently, and the choice is influenced by its intended application.  So how do you know which heat tracing cable is ideal for your syste... Read More

Selecting Explosion-Proof Equipment For The Chemical Industry

May 26, 2023

The chemical industry produces various chemicals and chemical products daily. These facilities are typically involved in manufacturing a wide range of products we use in our daily lives, such as fertilisers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and paints. However, producing such chemicals poses a significant risk to the safety of workers and the environment due to the potential hazards associated with handling chemicals. Explosions and fires are some of the most common h... Read More

5 Safety Risks Present In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

May 12, 2023

Every industry faces its own unique set of safety and health hazards, and pharmaceutical manufacturing is no different. In fact, the risks involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing are higher, as it involves working with and around chemicals, flammable materials, toxic fumes, and other hazardous agents. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses in the field to be aware of the common safety hazards so that they can mitigate and prevent an accident from occurring. Le... Read More

Selecting And Using The Right Cables In Hazardous Areas

May 05, 2023

Some business owners place significant emphasis on selecting the ideal hazardous lighting or explosion-proof equipment but neglect to choose the appropriate cables. However, selecting the correct cables can be as essential for safety as choosing the most suitable tools for your environment and task. Let us share the vital factors to consider and the most widely used cable types so that you make an informed decision on the matter. Factors to consider when selecti... Read More