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Raychem Heat Tracing Cable

Raychem Heat Trace Solutions

Raychem revolutionized the heat-tracing industry when it invented self-regulating heater technology over 40 years ago. We provide a variety of Raychem heat trace solutions and heating cables catering to various site conditions and project requirements, including power-limiting cables, mineral insulated cables, and skin-effect systems.

Self Regulating Heating Cable

From the inventor of self-regulating technology and with installed base output exceeding 500,000 km, Supermec introduces a self-regulating systems granting a proven and most reliable solution. Operating to voltages up to 277 V, the wide range of self-regulating cable products can provide: Temperature maintenance up to 150°C Exposure temperature up t...

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High Temperature Power Limiting Heating Cable

Power-limiting heating cables (VPL) can be used for freeze protection and process temperature maintenance requiring high power output and/or high temperature exposure. Operating to voltages up to 480 V, power-limitingheating cables can provide: Temperature maintenance up to 235°C; Exposure temperature up to 260°C; Circuit lengths up to 450 m. ...

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Constant Wattage Polymer Insulated Cable

The most proven and reliable range of HEW-THERM Polymer Insulated (PI) series heating systems is the industry-preferred solution when circuit lengths exceed the ratings of parallel heating cables and the number of power supply points is a constraint. Operating to voltages up to 750 V, Pyrotenax are series resistance heating cables which can provide: Tempe...

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