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Explosion Proof LED High Bay Lighting

ATEX-Approved Explosion Proof LED High Bay Lighting

Why Choose Supermec Explosion Proof LED High Bay Lighting

Best for lighting in hazardous locations like manufacturing plants, warehouses, and airports. Various disciplines such as architecture, interior design, and electrical engineering, combine in designing these lighting systems. Our explosion proof LED High Bay Lighting includes natural light, electric light, or both, to satisfy human requirements. Below are some of the benefits from the utilisation of Supermec Explosion Proof LED High Bay Lighting.

It outlasts other Bay Lighting by more than 50,000 hours and is significantly brighter without using as much energy. Built with high-quality, lightweight, and robust LED explosion-proof light fixtures, they are ideal for any explosion-proof lighting needs. Supermec Explosion Proof LED High Bay Lighting helps you save money and resources without losing design quality.

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Explosion Proof LED High Bay Light is designed to work well in environments demanding a higher level of safety. This Explosion Proof LED High Bay Light is the kind of essential and dependable illumination that is needed in places where there is no space for shutting down equipment. Our Explosion Proof LED High Bay Light uses up to 85% less energy and has a long lifespan when compared to conventional lighting. 

High-quality, industrial-grade explosion-proof lighting is offered by Supermec Pte Ltd to meet your needs for lighting in hazardous areas. You may be certain that each unit of our product is carefully manufactured. The details of our Atex-approved Explosion Proof LED High Bay Light are listed below.

  • Certification: ATEX and IEC Ex rated for Zone 2 Gas and Dust
  • Beam Angles:  40°, 60°, 120°, and 85° x 135°
  • Wattage: 90W, 120W, and 160W
  • Material: Die Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Temperature Range: -40° to +55°

EWL - Explosion proof LED High Bay Lighting

product codePowerAngle of LuminousHeight

Ta <40°C

Ta <55°CBracketStreet PoleWallPole 25°Pole 90°
EWL90A 90 120° ≤ 5m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL120A 120 120° ≤ 5m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL160A 160 120° ≤ 5m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL90B 90 60° 6-8m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL120B 120 60° 6-8m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL160B 160 60° 6-8m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL90C 90 85° x 135° 8-10m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL120C 120 85° x 135° 8-10m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL160C 160 85° x 135° 8-10m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL90D 90 40° 8-12m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL120D 120 40° 8-12m T5 T4 B S W P T
EWL160D 160 40° 8-12m T5 T4 B S W P T

The EWL series are used for the standard illumination of large working areas and the internal LED panel are equipped with reflectors with different angles depending by the height of installation of the light fittings.

The EWL are built with internal housing where is installed the control gear. An integrated Ex e terminal box provides, through two cable entries, the loop-in loop-out wiring connection.

The light fitting can be installed using different mounting types.
The EWL series can be required for different ambient temperature L = -20°C +40°C / 55°C or H = -40°C +40°C / 55°C.

EWL series light fittings are normally used in the chemical and petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and any other industry where hazardous atmospheres (gas and combustible dust) are potentially present. The EWL range has been designed to meet the main requirements of illumination of working

Supermec explosion proof LED high bay light ordering code EW series

The materials used to manufacture the EWL series have been studied to grant the maximum protection against the highly corrosive agents
present in these industries:
• body and cover in copper-free aluminium
• external epoxy powder coating RAL 7001
• glass window in thermoresistant glass sealed with silicone
• gasket on covers in silicone granting an IP66 protection level
• screw in stainless steel
• control gear integrated inside the main body of light fitting and accesible through a dedicated cover
• safety ring in stainless steel connecting body and window cover to facilitate the maintenance operations on site when cover must be opened
• one cable entry M25x1.5 on two opposite sides of Ex e terminal integrated box to allow a loop-in loop-out installation
• Ex e terminal integrated box to allow a direct installation on pole for “platform type” models.
• all the light fittings are equipped, as standard, with one cable gland and one stopping plugs in polyamide, IECEx/Atex certified. Other materials or combinations are available on request.
• all the models are provided with dedicated fixing system selected during ordering process following the different combinations available
• the fixing system can be modified also later on, buying the specific fixing kit available on dedicated section of this catalogue
Special attention has been dedicated to reduce the heating: the external back-side of housing is fully probvided with cooling ribs to facilitate the heat outflow.

certificate number: IECEx CML 17.0097X CML 17 ATEX 1182X
marking: Ex-proof Logo II 2GD Ex db eb IIC T5 / T4 Gb Ex tb IIIC T95°C / T130°C Db
ambient temperature: -20°C +40°C / +55°C -40°C +40°C / +55°C
degree of protection: IP66
conformity: Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU
standards: IEC60079-0 / IEC60079-1 / IEC60079-7 / IEC60079-28 / IEC60079-31
EN60079-0 / EN60079-1 / EN60079-7 / EN 60079-28 / EN60079-31
category: suitable for Zone 1 – 2 (gas) and Zone 21 – 22 (dust)

EWL series are divided into four categories A, B, C, D indicating the luminous angles of LED reflector mounted inside. Each angle has to be selected considering the height where the light fittings will be installed.
Please follow the below table to select the right model matching your installation requirements.
On ordering process is requested to indicate the ambient temperature range.
The temperature below zero has to be selected with a a code as per table present on “ordering code” section.

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