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Heat Trace Thermostat

Sensing, Monitoring & Control Device

Many aspects can influence the selection of the control and monitoring system for each project and application. The most effective solutions are often a blend of various combined technologies to achieve a balance between total installed costs, total operating cost, and long-term benefits associated with the entire heat management system, during the life of the plant.

Raychem offers a wide range of control and monitoring systems that provide scalable solutions from the most proven and economical simple simple mechanical thermostats to the very latest innovations in local control and central monitoring systems.

Explosion Proof Thermostat

Ambient-Sensing Thermostats: These thermostats are used to control heating cable circuits in freeze protection applications. When the outdoor temperature drops below the set point, the thermostat switches on. Control multiple circuits by connecting the thermostat to the coil of a contactor. Line-Sensing Thermostats: These thermostats are used to control h...

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Thermostat (Safe Area)

AT-TS thermostats provide temperature control in safe area. The temperature set point can be checked through a window in the lid. LED's are providing an indication when cables are energized (Heating ON) or when the temperature sensor is defect (sensor break or sensor short-circuit).

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