ATEX-Approved Products

Warning Label

Warning labels indicate the presence of electrical heat-tracing under the insulation of the pipe or other equipment. (min. of 1 label per 5 m of heat-tracing line). Also suitable for stainless steel pipes (<5ppm leachable="" halide="" p="">

If compliance to the T-class or A.I.T. cannot be achieved by the unconditional T-rating of the heating cable, the hazardous area regulations require that cable sheath temperature is determined by the rules of stabilized design as per EN 60079-30 and the heating circuit is marked accordingly. The following labels are available for this purpose (min.1 label per heating circuit).

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Stabilized design sticker. To be installed when power-limiting VPL heating cables are
used in hazardous areas.


Self-adhesive warning label: For proper marking of electrical heat-tracing systems. One label per 5 m of traced pipe. Also available in other languages.


Aluminum tag plate. To be installed when series polymer insulated XPI & XPI-S heating
cables are used in hazardous areas.


Product NumberWeight
LAB-I-35 574124-000 0.0015 kg
PI-LABEL-EX 1244-006940 0.04 kg