ATEX-Approved Products

Junction Box Multi-Purpose (Ex e) JBEX

Industrial junction box for use in hazardous areas with FMT, FHT, PI and MI heating cables. This box can be used to make connections between power cables, heating cables and cold lead cables. Depending on the configuration of the system, the box can accommodate heating cables, cold leads and a power cable. M20 connection kits have to be ordered separately depending on the type of heating cable being used.

Cable connection is via DIN rail mounted Spring-type terminals to provide fast installation and safe, reliable, maintenance-free operation.

The box can be either wall or pipe mounted via the four holes moulded in the base of the box. For pipe mounting, use one of the standard support brackets.

Unit Price:

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Unit Of Measurement (UOM):

JB-EX-20, JB-EX-20-EP: Power supply box for series heating cables (PI & MI) and constant wattage parallel heating cables (FMT & FHT) or end box (star) for series heating cables (PI & MI), when using M20 connection kits.

JB-EX-21: Power supply box, end-box, splice box (3-phase and loop), marshalling box.


Minimum Ambient TemperatureMaximum Ambient    Temperature*Maximum conductor sizeMaximum operating voltageMaximum current rating
JB-EX-20 –55°C 55°C 10 mm2 (solid & stranded) 590 Vac 53 A
JB-EX-20-EP –55°C 55°C 10 mm2 (solid & stranded) 590 Vac 53 A
JB-EX-21 –55°C 55°C 10 mm2 (solid & stranded) 550 Vac 53 A