Electrical Heat Tracing System

An electrical heat tracing system is much more than just the heating cable. Supermec provides a complete system from design to installation, commissioning and testing. This includes products such as transformers, control and monitoring panels, power connections, heating cable, end terminations, and related accessories. We manage the heat you need – from pipe freeze protection, or process temperature maintenance, to process heat-up applications.

Complete electrical heat tracing systems are designed to optimize each individual application and feature Raychem’s extensive line of heat tracing cables, control panels, monitoring equipment, and . Count on us for your most demanding applications including:

  • Temperature Maintenance (for process, pipes
  • Freeze Protection (for Pipes, Tanks, Valves & Instrumentation)
  • Foundation Heating (of tanks or process)
  • Long Pipeline Heating
  • Snow & Ice Prevention
  • Floor & Handrail Heating

Our design services team works as an extension of your business from Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) study throughout project completion. Our engineers take responsibility to select, design and implement the most effective heat trace system based on your project specifications. Our system design philosophy ensures smooth project operations, minimal budget and on-time schedule.


We design using the TraceCalc Pro software which provides complete heat tracing design for pipes, tanks and vessels. With clear specifications provided, design can be completed in a fraction of time as compared to manual design. Design calculation sheet will be provided upon completion of design for review and heat Tracing Isometric layouts will be furnish once design is frozen.

As we provide a complete heat tracing system, design and fabrication of heat tracing distribution panel can also be done depending on requirements.


Supermec has a specialized team of supervisors to provide supervision and installation works. As specialists, we also provide trainings to clients to understand the heat tracing system and how installation should be done.


Testing of heat trace cable consists of Megger Test (Power cable Insulation test), before and after insulation tests.


Knowing that each electrical heat tracing system is unique, we provide fully customized after-sales service that caters to your specific system, offering services ranging from spare parts replacement, ad-hoc corrective repairs, to regular checks and scheduled preventive maintenance.


Quality and safety are of utmost priority. With over a decade of experience in Electrical Heat Tracing design, installation, inspection, and maintenance, our team of highly qualified supervisors and engineers excel in providing you with uncompromising and cost-effective total solutions for all your trace heating needs.


A typical Electrical Heat Tracing System is made of the heating cable, a junction box, and an end seal, along with other accessories or equipment. See below for a list of electrical heat tracing products, and refer to our products page for more details.

  • Heating Cables
    • Self-Regulating
    • Power Limiting
    • Constant Wattage
    • Mineral Insulated
    • Skin Effect Tracing
  • Junction Box
  • Sensing, Monitoring & Control Device
    • Thermostat
    • Controller
    • Temperature Limiter
    • Monitoring
  • System Accessories
    • End Seal Kit
    • Connection Kits (Entry, Splice or Tee)
    • Mounting & Support Bracket
    • Pipe Strap
    • Fixing Materials & Tapes
    • Warning Labels & Tags
    • Glands
    • Others