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Latest News
Website Improvements - June 2020
Jun 17, 2020

Hope everyone is safe during this COVID situation and enjoying our website.

We have great news for our new and regular website visitors as we have made several improvements to our website to serve you better.



We have shifted the “Login” and “Register” button on our homepage to above the search bar. This allows you to easily spot the 2 new buttons and “Login” if you have already created an account with us or please “Register” with us as it’s free and also allows you access to special member privileges such as accessing the download section of our website. You may click here to register.

website login register


On the bottom right of our homepage as well, we have created a new section called “LATEST BLOGS” where you will be able to see the latest informative article where we create original content regularly and also click on “Read More” if you are keen on the topic.


We recently added our YouTube channel to our website homepage as well.

Social media is an integral part of our lives now so get connected with us to receive any latest updates on our products/services on your favourite social media platform.

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We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve the website to better serve your needs and please email any feedback to who is from the Digital Marketing team in Supermec.

He will assist you with any feedback or sales related enquiries.