EPCM Capabilities

EPCM Capabilities

The electrical & instrumentation systems power your plant so their design and installation are not something we leave to chance. Supermec has an excellent track record of delivering projects on schedule, thanks to our team of electrical & instrumentation engineers specialized in delivering exceptional electrical and instrumentation works, including testing and commissioning. This is all in addition to customized design and build of modularised Power Control Rooms and analyser enclosures.

Supermec provides over 40 years of extensive international experience in the Asia Pacific & Middle East Regions, offering with fully integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance (“EPCM”) services in Electrical & Instrumentation to the oil & gas, petrochemical and petroleum industries.

Engineering – Perfection is in the Details

At Supermec, we believe that a firm foundation is crucial. And in our scope of services, that foundation is laid at the design phase. Here we have it planned and drawn to perfection thanks to our elite team of multi-disciplined engineers and specialists in Electrical Heat Tracing and other Electrical & Instrumentation services.

Procurement & Logistics – We are well connected

Our depth of presence in the industry over the years has meant that we have built up a vast network of trusted suppliers with reliable products. As a result, you benefit from the cost savings we enjoy through bulk procurement. And because our expeditors keep a very tight watch on schedules, you can be assured that materials will arrive on time. With Supermec by your side, gone are the days when late delivery of supplies delay completion of your projects. It is often our clients who set their own budgets, brief us on the brand and quality of materials preferred. We ensure we stick to specifications and keep things within parameters – because we can.

Our one-stop solution provides 3rd-party logistics and warehouse management for bulk materials, engineering equipment and spares.

Because we are connected, you are too.

Construction – Electrical & Instrumentation

Supermec provides full spectrum of electrical services required by multinational companies in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas (Onshore and Offshore) industries. Our large and global pool of skilled craftsmen and specialists combine their skills to deliver the complete suite of electrical construction and installation works.

Our team of engineers specialise in delivering exceptional quality instrumentation works to a diverse clientele of multinational companies in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore) industries. We have earned the distinctive reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy partner in the industry with an excellent track record.

Testing & Commissioning

Our well-established network of contacts and resources enable us to have quick response time to complete work on and even before schedule. Our site Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors are well versed and involved in every phase and detail of the Electrical and Instrumentation works. This makes progress smooth and efficient.

Integrated Maintenance – Even if it is completed, we carry on

Whether it is ongoing support for a complete turnaround project or a retrofit project for an existing plant, Supermec is equally committed to delivering dependable maintenance solutions to keep your structures in operational order, thereby extending the lifespan of your investment.

Our expert team will oversee maintenance planning and scheduling that meet the needs of your individual requirements. This includes regular scheduled maintenance or predictive and preventive maintenance to extend the life of your plant; turnaround and shutdown maintenance as required; and even daily and facilities maintenance.

The scope of maintenance work includes equipment installation, servicing and maintenance, electrical work, instrumentation and controls, field instrument calibration, field instrument service & maintenance, ELV preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, ad-hoc breakdown maintenance, tankage maintenance, and reliability engineering services. Additionally, we have perfected the implementation of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), encouraging many of our clients to take up this technology as it allows for enhanced resource allocation, increased plant safety, an improved communication process and operational efficiency and, in turn, notable time and money savings.