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Maritime Port Authority Singapore has rolled out a brand-new SRS system
Nov 08, 2021

Offshore Energy

The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore(MPS) has launched a new Singapore Registry of Ships (SRS) notation initiative to reward ship owners/operators who voluntarily incorporate solutions to drive digital transformation and pursue sustainable shipping.

The SRS accreditation system will cover 4 separate notations for vessels: “smart”, “cyber”, “welfare” and “green”, making SRS the first registry in the world to introduce this type of notations.

The SRS Notation covers four categories and is available to ship owners at no additional cost. Singapore-flagged vessels that meet the requirements for each of the categories will be given a certificate of recognition and their information will be published on the MPA website to boost their commercial visibility and recognition.

Green notations will be awarded to ships that have introduced and implemented solutions to lower their carbon emissions, such as usage of low- or zero-carbon fuels. Vessels that qualify will receive additional benefits what would be introduced from 2022, such as a reduction in initial registration fees and rebates on annual tonnage taxes during the qualifying duration.

Additionally, the smart notation will be given to vessels that adopt digital solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of shipboard operations, such as automation, advanced monitoring, and remote inspection.

As for the cyber notation, vessels which implement cyber security measures to prevent future cyber-attacks will be recognized through the cyber security notation.

The announcement of the new accreditation system was made at the 2021 SRS Forum on 8 October by Senior Minister of State for Transport Chee Hong Tat.

Recently, the MPA joined forces with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to launch the NextGEN portal, an online collaborative global ecosystem of maritime transport decarbonisation initiatives.