Fabrication & Cable Tray System

Fabrication & Cable Tray System

Supermec offers specialised fabrication solutions to meet your project needs. Thanks to many years of experience and exposure, our team of highly trained engineers are able to streamline the activities associated with the procurement and supply of materials in the fabrication process.

We shop fabricate steel plates, cable tray and ladders, culverts and heat shields, pre-assembled piping and tank structures, supplying them directly to your site for easy integration into your construction project.

Spanning over 30 hectares, our fabrication facilities in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Thailand are strategically positioned to enable us to deliver quality, prefabricated structures to your site on time and within budget.

Supermec monitors and controls the transportation of thousands of fabricated pieces, ensuring the safe and secure arrival at project sites.

We are committed to delivering flexible and high-calibre solutions so your projects continue to run as planned – and that’s no fabrication.

  • Total land area – more than 30 hectares
  • 4 fully-equipped and strategically located workshops
  • Capacity to handle 100,000 DB of fabrication per month in the vicinity of Singapore.

Fabrication capabilities:

  1. Cable tray, ladder, and support system
  2. Heat shield, culverts
  3. Tank plates
  4. Modular substation
  5. Steel fabrication works

Modular SubStation

Supermec modular substation design can be customised to be totally enclosed and is protected against external weather; thus making it highly suitable for outdoor use. Our design could also be blast resistant so that it can be used in Refinery. The structure is fully sealed with panels manufactured from 2.5 mm thick steel plate reinforced as appropriate.

The transformer is installed into a totally separate section accessible through independent outside end doors. A removable roof section above the transformer allows lifting by crane if required. Access to the LV switchboard panels is through personnel doors in the side of the container. All substation doors are mounted with steel hinges. All bolts, screws and mechanical devices have anti-corrosion treatment.