ATEX-Approved Products


Our consolidated experiences in the field of Explosion Proof Equipment and ATEX products have allowed us to study, design and manufacture complete new range of products suitable to be used in any hazardous area such as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, Oil & Gas onshore/offshore plants, refineries and marine/shipping industries, including the most highly corrosive environment.

We are confident in consistently meeting your needs and standards of quality. Our range of Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment and ATEX products are manufactured with the latest available technologies, both mechanical and electrical, using materials that guarantee the best protection against corrosive agents, to fully ensure to our customers a modern functionality solution and a long duration of his investment.

Ex-proof Junction Box & Control Equipment for Hazardous Areas

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Ex-proof Earthing Grounding Control System for Hazardous Areas

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Explosion-proof Lighting Fixtures for hazardous Areas

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Explosion-proof Cable Glands for Hazardous Areas

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Explosion-proof Plug & Socket for Hazardous Areas

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Heat Tracing Cables

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