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Ex-proof Earthing Grounding Control System for Hazardous Areas

Supermec Earthing Control System allows safe loading and off-loading of mobile tanks (trucks, wagons, trolleys and big bags) in which flammable products are stored. The high speed process could generate electrostatic charges with possible risks of sparks and explosions. To avoid the accumulation of static electricity, the system constantly verifies the grounding connection and allows the loading process only if safety parameters are fully respected.

Earthing Control System

The Earthing Control System is housed in a GUB/GUBA or an EJB enclosure, with different versions available for the electronic control unit, covering the different applications: Resistive: a low resistance R is detected between the two clamp jaws; Resistive & Capacitive: in addition to low resistance, the truck's capacitance is also monitored Read More