Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning

Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

Supermec's Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) scope consists of 4 stages: design/engineering, procurement, manufacturing & installation, testing & commissioning. Our team of HVAC experts have been specially trained to take care of all your HVAC needs from start to finish.hvac

Engineering Capability

  • At the core of our business is our extensive and detailed engineering capability. We provide engineering expertise from the team based in Singapore. Our experienced engineers provide innovative solutions with global compliance for every system designed, with services including detailed engineering, site survey, site supervision, pre-commissioning and commissioning, 2D drawing, as well as energy sustainability studies.
  • Providing our clients with product that perform to the highest industry standards we are specialized in engineering services including system design, risk assessment, thermal design, heat load calculation, and much more. Our engineering state of the art software includes AutoCAD, Carrier Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) 4.8, and VRV Xpress.
  • On Site Services - Site Survey, Site Supervision, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning,

Heat Load & Airflow Calculation

Spaces load design calculation is handled by our Hourly Analysis Program which is a recognized platform for heat load calculations.


A complete solution provider for all your HVAC needs & more.

Offices Air-Conditioning

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System – Small to Medium Offices
  • Air Handlers (AHU) System – Large Offices with Multiple Levels
  • Integrated Controls with Custom Interlocks with other Building Services
  • Compliance to Local Energy Sustainability Requirement

Typical System Overview with Centralized Controller


Various Fan Coil Unit Type to meet All Offices Needs


Cassette Unit Installation in Office Space


Laboratory HVAC Systems

  • Complete Heat Loads & Airflow Requirement Design
  • Simple Constant Air Volume (CAV) Design – Low Start-up Cost
  • Complex Variable Air Volume (VAV) Design – Energy Saving, On Demand Basis
  • Precise Temperature, Pressure & Humidity Controls
  • Meets Highest Indoor Air Quality Requirement

Ex-proof HVAC Systems

  • Both onshore and offshore

Recent Laboratory Works @ CAV System Installed for TOTAL Lube Oil Blending Park at Tuas South Ave 14

Recent Laboratory Works @ CAV & VAV with Variable Speed Drive for Supply & Exhaust System Installed for AFTON Chemical Plant at Jurong Island.

Recent Works

Stainless Steel Ducting installation complete with FEMA Supports

Large Warehouse Ducting installation


Ventilation & Spot Cooling for Large Storages & Factory Space

  • Natural Vent Louvers Sizing
  • Ventilation Rates & Fan Selection
  • Spot Cooling (Cool Air Jets) Solution for Factory Line Areas

Engineered Smoke Control System

  • Designed In Accordance to Acceptable Published Standards
  • Automatic Activation Upon Emergency

The Engineering Smoke Control System (ESCS) ventilation design are offered in either natural or mechanical extraction. These designs are based on acceptable published standards.

These design has the ventilation capacity capable of handling the largest demand for smoke exhaust from the worst case scenario. By utilizing Smoke Curtains as smoke reservoirs to prevent lateral spread of smoke, and Ventilators (Mechanical / Natural) activated during a fire, ensures the level of fire and life safety intended by the building code and fire code.


Testing & Commissioning Team

  • Air Balancing to NEEB Standard
  • Full Leakage Test (Piping & Ducting)
  • Commissioning Test Packs & Reports

Our team of experienced commissioning engineers will see through the full testing and commissioning after the installation works are completed. Scope of T&C includes:

  • Refrigerant piping pressure test
  • Ducting leak test
  • Vibration & Noise test
  • Equipment performance test
  • Mechanical fan capacity test
  • Full Start-up including T&C of all electrical items
  • Commissioning Test Packs & Reports



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