Customized Explosion Proof Products

Our Customized Explosion Proof Products

From lighting systems to ATEX-approved explosion-proof panels and control equipment, Supermec is competent to provide a whole range of complete solutions for your electrical needs, especially in hazardous areas for both onshore and offshore requirements. Our full range of Explosion Proof Products provides for the widest possible range of applications from one single vendor and total system integrator.

explosion proof products

Furthermore, as specialists in E&I works and Ex proof products for decades, Supermec is well-versed with your diverse and customized requirements for electrical and explosion proof works. Through our experience, we have helped clients with special design and build systems and solutions for their specific needs. Examples are:

  • Portable power distribution and lighting systems,
  • DOL or Star Delta motor starter panels,
  • Battery enclosures,
  • Analyzer house integration
  • PLC integration for process control & automation,
  • HMI integration for visualization & monitoring,
  • Earthing control systems and grounding equipment & enclosures,
  • Fire alarm and extinguisher panels, and
  • Explosion-proof panels with variable speed drives, just to name a few.

Customized Solutions

On top of providing standard ATEX panels such as simple distribution or control panels, Supermec specializes in providing high quality customized solutions according to your needs.

We work closely with you to provide the most cost effective customized solution for complex control panels with display or modular solutions. The high flexibility and extensive services offered by Supermec, combined with our decades of experience, gels together to provide you with highly optimized customer-specific equipment and device combinations and systems.

Supermec’s focus is on OEM Panels where we excel in layout and design optimization, while meeting your requirements, and in compliance with Ex-proof standards such as IEC 60079 series explosive atmosphere standards. As OEM partners, Supermec provides you with high quality and cost efficient production for your electrical, automation, communication, monitoring, and control systems.