Everything You Need To Know About Cable Tray Systems
Apr 30, 2021

What are cable tray systems?

Cable trays are part of a cable tray system and provide the physical infrastructure/support for various cables such as for electricity or communication. Cable trays are open in nature and the wires within the tray are still accessible if necessary, for any maintenance.

A cable tray system is made up of different cable trays to provide the necessary protection and support for the wires within. This system also allows easy access to the cables as it is open and allows for any upgrading if necessary.

The material for cable trays is usually steel, stainless-steel or more commonly used aluminium as it has great corrosion resistance and lightweight properties if comparing to steel.

Types of cable trays:

  • Ladder Trays
    As the name suggest, ladder trays look like ladders and are suited for a wide range of applications, such as for instrumentation, communication, and electrical cables. These ladder trays can support heavy cables and the advantages of ladder trays is that cables are free to enter/exit anywhere along the ladder tray and due to the open nature, are able to let the cables “breathe” and avoid overheating issues.
  • Ventilated Cable Trays
    A lighter duty type of cable trays are the ventilated cable trays which are a sheet of metal with a lot of holes/slots so that the wires on the tray can be easily fastened and to provide a means of ventilation.
  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray
    Also known as a basket cable tray, which is made of stainless-steel wires welded to each other and forming a square criss-cross shape basket to support lighter load wires such as for low voltage or internet cables.


We hope that you understand more about cable tray systems and the different types of cable trays available.

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