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5 Considerations When Switching To LED Hazardous Lighting
May 04, 2023

5 Considerations When Switching To LED Hazardous Lighting

If your business operates in an explosive atmosphere containing dangerous substances that can ignite with the slightest spark, you will require explosion-proof lighting. This equipment is essential in illuminating hazardous work environments and ensuring productivity and worker safety are not compromised.

However, older models may not always offer the best illumination and frequently consume high energy, leading to higher operational costs. So what is the solution? The answer is to upgrade to LED models. But before you do that, let us share the crucial factors to consider.

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Factor #1: Consider the hazardous zone classification of your facility

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to purchasing explosion-proof lighting. Instead, hazardous environments are classified according to the risk of explosion or ignition. As a result, different classifications require different types of explosion-proof lighting. Therefore, you must understand the hazardous zone classification of your facility to select the appropriate explosion-proof LED lighting for your business. We recommend consulting our safety specialists at Supermec if you are unsure where to begin.

Factor #2: Consider the reliability and lifespan of the equipment

Consider the reliability and lifespan of the equipment-Explosion-proof lighting

Obviously, the aim is to reduce maintenance and cost while increasing lighting uniformity and comfort when upgrading your lighting systems. Therefore, you should consider the total system power consumption and the expected luminaire life of your selected explosion-proof LED lighting. This way, you can understand how much energy your new luminaires can help you save and how often you must maintain them. 

We recommend purchasing the equipment from reputable manufacturers renowned for producing durable and high-quality explosion-proof lighting. Since the light fixtures are meant for hazardous and often rugged environments, you must ensure the luminaires are sufficiently robust, rigorously tested, and certified to meet safety standards.

Factor #3: Consider 1-for-1 retrofit solutions 

The last thing you want as a business owner is to incur additional costs. As such, you should consider a 1-for-1 retrofit solution for your facility when upgrading your explosion-proof lighting. Doing so can save you significant labour and cost while ensuring minimal disruption to your operations during the upgrading process. So be sure to check if such solutions are available for your facility's luminaires.

Factor #4: Consider the power system requirements for your facility’s lighting

Consider the power system requirements for your facility’s lighting-Explosion-proof lighting

Upgrading your explosion-proof lighting may require overhauling your facility’s power system unless you can locate a 1-for-1 retrofit solution since your new luminaires may utilise different voltages, necessitating changes to your power requirements. Therefore, it is essential to double-check that your facility’s power system can accommodate the new lighting specifications. Otherwise, you must upgrade the electrical panel, rewire the lighting circuit, or increase/decrease the amperage or voltage to accommodate the changes, thus incurring additional costs.

Factor #5: Consider the mounting height of the luminaires

What is the mounting height of your light fixtures? The answer to this question can affect your selection. For example, you may want to select explosion-proof LED flood lights with a higher lumen output if your luminaires are mounted at a high elevation to provide adequate lighting and uniform illumination.

Additionally, you must consider whether there are any obstructions in the ceiling that might block your light source. If so, you should consider alternate mounting means for the luminaires, like a pendant mount, to ensure the light fixtures are in the ideal position to light the area adequately.

Switching to LED explosion-proof light fixtures can offer various benefits to businesses. However, it is vital for you to consider the factors we shared before making the switch. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition while minimising disruptions to your business operations.

At Supermec, we offer various explosion-proof LED lighting of the highest quality, including explosion-proof LED flood lights and explosion-proof LED high bay lighting. Rest assured that our luminaires undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet the required safety standards. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more about our products.