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A Guide To Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes And When To Use Them
Jul 26, 2023

A Guide To Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes And When To Use Them

In hazardous environments where the risk of explosions is a concern, it is crucial to implement safety measures to protect personnel and equipment. A suitable course of action is installing explosion-proof junction boxes as a failsafe for any electrical system that might be exposed to combustible substances in the environment.

However, there are several types of explosion-proof junction boxes available on the market. Each one is rated to withstand various gases and has different Class IDs. To ensure you make the correct choice for your company’s operation, let us explore the different types of explosion-proof junction boxes and discuss their applications and benefits in various hazardous settings.

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What is an explosion-proof junction box?

What is an explosion-proof junction box

Explosion-proof junction boxes are designed for use in areas with explosive substances or ignition sources. While a standard junction box cannot safeguard against these risks, an explosion-proof junction box will. By isolating specific circuits and preventing wires from coming into contact with combustible elements, the equipment helps prevent the propagation of flames or sparks in an explosive environment, thus safeguarding users operating in hazardous areas.

Types of explosion-proof junction boxes

1. Totally enclosed (TE)

Totally enclosed junction boxes provide a secure enclosure for electrical connections, preventing the entry of potentially explosive substances like gas or vapour. They are also constructed with robust materials that can withstand internal explosions should ignition occur within the equipment. These explosion-proof junction boxes are designed for environments with the potential for sparks or areas with a risk of flammable gases or vapours.

2. Totally enclosed (TE) gas-tight

This type of explosion-proof junction box offers an additional level of protection by ensuring a complete seal against external gases. As such, they can prevent the ingress of any gas, even under high-pressure conditions, making them suitable for environments with high concentrations of hazardous gases. 

3. Totally enclosed explosion-proof (TE explosion-proof)

Totally enclosed explosion-proof junction boxes are constructed with flame-arresting materials that help cool down and contain an explosion within the enclosure, preventing flames or sparks from escaping and igniting the surrounding atmosphere. This feature makes them ideal for areas with a potential for explosions.

4. Gas-tight explosion-proof (GE explosion-proof)

Gas-tight explosion-proof junction boxes combine the features of gas-tight and explosion-proof enclosures to prevent the entry of external gases while providing robust protection against internal explosions. As a result, they are suitable for environments where high concentrations of hazardous gases and the risk of explosion are significant concerns.

5. Severe-service explosion-proof (SS explosion-proof)

Ideal for the most challenging industrial environments where resistance to the elements is essential, severe-service explosion-proof junction boxes are specially engineered for extreme operating conditions involving corrosive substances, high temperatures, or mechanical stresses. Naturally, these enclosures are constructed with durable materials to maintain their integrity and withstand harsh environments.

6. Totally enclosed ventilated (TEV)

As the name suggests, totally enclosed ventilated junction boxes are equipped with ventilation systems to allow for the controlled exchange of air within the enclosure. This feature helps dissipate heat generated by the electrical components and prevent the buildup of flammable gases or dust within the equipment. As such, they are ideal for environments where heat dissipation is critical.

Explosion-proof junction boxes are essential in ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in hazardous environments. By understanding the various types of explosion-proof enclosures available, you can make informed decisions based on the specific needs of your company, thus safeguarding lives and maintaining operational integrity in hazardous environments.

If you are still unsure which explosion-proof junction boxes are most suitable for your needs, do not hesitate to consult our safety specialists. At Supermec, we offer a broad range of explosion-proof enclosures, including Ex d and Ex e junction boxes, at affordable prices. Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive catalogue.