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How To Ensure You Order The Correct Cable Gland Size
Aug 08, 2023

How To Ensure You Order The Correct Cable Gland Size

Explosion-proof cable glands are essential in various networks and systems within combustible and flammable working environments. These cable glands not only provide strain relief and protection from the environment. They also secure cables and prevent them from becoming a safety hazard, making them a must-have in numerous industrial applications. 

However, for a seemingly simple product, there are numerous options available. As a result, it can be overwhelming to determine the right fit for your application. Let us help simplify the matter by guiding you through the process of selecting the appropriate explosion-proof cable gland size and exploring the essential factors to consider for a successful installation.

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How to determine the cable gland size you require?

How to determine the cable gland size you require

Did you know the type of explosion-proof cable gland you use will impact its size calculation? Fortunately, determining the correct cable gland size is more straightforward than it seems. That is because different manufacturers provide sizing charts based on the cable types and sizes they produce, making it easy for you to identify the appropriate match.

The first step is determining the diameter of the cable or cables you intend to secure. Include any insulation or sheathing when measuring the overall outer diameter, as it is vital to be precise with your measurements. Even a tiny discrepancy can affect the suitability of the cable gland. Once you have obtained the cable diameter measurement, cross-reference it with the manufacturer’s sizing charts or guidelines, and you can quickly locate the correct product size. 

At the end of the day, the primary factor to consider is the cable size. Therefore, the cable you use in your system will affect the cable gland size you require. Please note that there are differences between armoured and unarmoured cables when determining the correct cable gland size. For the latter, the entire diameter of the cable is the most crucial measurement. 

Conversely, armoured cables require you to divide your measurement and factor in the diameter of the armouring, inner bedding, lead covering (if applicable), and outer sheath separately. That is because the outer cable sheath and, potentially, some of the armouring must be removed to install the armoured cable gland correctly. As such, you must ensure the cable gland fits perfectly to maintain a tight environmental seal around the cable.

Lastly, you must know the gauge to implement a suitable cable gland if threading is involved. During the planning phase, we recommend figuring out whether you need to remove the armouring from your cables. This decision can help you choose the appropriate gland for your armoured cable.

What other factors should you consider?

What Other Factors Should You Consider-Explosion-Proof Cable Gland

Beyond different cable gland sizes, there are various factors to consider when selecting your ideal explosion-proof cable gland. Let us share what they are.

Factor #1: Environmental condition

Explosion-proof cable glands are durable and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Nevertheless, different operating environments, such as the level of dust, moisture, and chemical exposure or temperature variations, can impact the suitability of a given gland for your application. 

Factor #2: Cable gland material

Explosion-proof cable glands are made of different materials, usually brass, nickel-plated brass, and stainless steel. Each is suitable for a different type of system. So that is another fundamental difference you must consider. Other aspects to keep in mind include whether you require a single or double-seal cable gland and if an armoured cable gland is necessary for your application.

Factor #3: Number of cables

When dealing with multiple cables, you must decide whether a single cable gland is sufficient to accommodate all of them or whether individual cable glands are necessary. In some instances, using a multi-cable gland or a cable gland with multiple ports may be more practical and space-saving.

We hope what we shared can help you determine the correct cable gland size and ensure a successful installation. At Supermec, we offer various explosion-proof cable glands, including armoured and ATEX-certified cable glands, suitable for multiple applications. Contact us today if you encounter any uncertainties during the selection process. Our team will be glad to assist you with selecting a solution that matches your needs.