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How To Install Your Explosion-Proof Cable Gland
Sep 05, 2023

How To Install Your Explosion-Proof Cable Gland

As a tool specifically designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable and the device it is connected to in a hazardous area, your explosion-proof cable gland plays a pivotal role in cable management. Additionally, it provides earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding, and strain relief, as well as repels contaminants like dust, dirt, and fluids. As such, it is essential that you install the cable gland correctly to ensure optimal function. Let us share a step-by-step installation guide to help you achieve this.

Before you begin

Before you begin-Explosion-proof cable glands

The installation process depends on the type of explosion-proof cable gland you use. Nevertheless, the basics are generally the same. So you can utilise what we shared as a template. However, before you begin, please ensure the installation is carried out by a skilled professional with the relevant experience and knowledge. 

Before you begin the installation process, ensure all electrical equipment and live wires are switched off and disconnected. We also recommend checking the cable gland to ensure it is the correct size and is compatible with your cables. If you are unsure how to determine the ideal cable gland size, you can check out our helpful article on the subject.

Additionally, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure you comply with workplace safety practices at all times. If you work in a dusty environment or there are solvents and chemical substances in your workplace, you must store your cable glands correctly to prevent exposure to these substances. Lastly, take special care not to damage any loose entry wires.

Installation process

Installation process-Explosion-proof cable glands

Now that you are ready to begin, open the explosion-proof cable gland and detach the nut. You will require an appropriate tool to peel back the outer sheath of the cabling to obtain a suitable length matching the size of the gland. Do not forget to expose the inner metal armour if the component is present.

Once these steps are completed, insert the right end of the gland into the cable before laying the peeled sheath or armour evenly around the gland. Subsequently, reapply the nut and tighten it carefully using a spanner or similar tool to secure the gland. 

Please note that some cable glands contain two halves. These are designed to fit on either side of an enclosure to ensure a watertight seal for the cable. Installing these cable glands will require you to drill a hole in the wall of the application before securing each half of the gland in place.

Installing an armoured cable gland

Those using steel-wire armoured (SWA) cables will require armoured explosion-proof cable glands for their applications. To fit these cable glands to the SWA cable, you will need two suitably sized spanners and a pair of quality wire cutters or a hacksaw. 

After you are done preparing these tools, you can begin by unscrewing the armoured cable gland and sliding the various parts onto the cable in the correct order. Subsequently, strip the length of the outer insulation and the inner and armouring layers and peel them back. The measurements and combinations of the peeled pieces are determined by the type of cable and gland you use.

Once the above procedure is completed, proceed to fit the cone of the explosion-proof cable gland beneath the inner insulation and armouring. This action may require you to splay the core wires. Ensure the core wires lay over the cone and do not enter it, as this can damage the inner insulation.

Afterwards, slide the armour gripping ring up the cone and screw the armour locking nut back to the cone, trapping the wires in place. Once that is done, you can use your spanners to tighten each gland part securely. Lastly, apply the sealing nut to seal the back of the gland, thus compressing the internal sealing against the outer insulation and making the cable gland watertight.

By following the instructions we lay out, you can have your cable glands installed in no time flat, enabling you to get your applications up and running. If you require additional explosion-proof cable glands for your project, look no further than Supermec. We offer a wide range of cable glands, including Ex d cable glands, at attractive prices. Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive catalogue.