How to Prevent Frost Heaving in Cryogenic Tanks

Sep 21, 2018

How to Prevent Frost Heaving in Cryogenic Tanks Cryogenic tanks are essential in receiving and storing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) up to -162°C which can be described as cryogenic conditions. LNG is produced when natural gas has been cooled and condensed into its liquid state at -162°C. This allows for easier transportation as LNG occupies 600 times less space than in its gaseous state. Furthermore, LNG remains at normal atmosphere, even though it has been ... Read More

An Introduction to Frost Heave Prevention Systems

Sep 11, 2018

An Introduction to Frost Heave Prevention Systems Thousands of businesses suffer losses from damage to valuable inventory and equipment because of frost heaving. Frost heaving is the process when soil expands upwards due to ice forming underneath the ground. Frost heaving occurs when freezing temperatures penetrate the soil and ground beneath the flooring. This can lead to a myriad of negative impacts for a business as the expansion of soil weakens the foundation o... Read More

Selecting Your Electrical Heat Tracing Solution: 3 Control & Monitoring System Philosophies

Feb 07, 2018

When embarking on designing or managing your electrical heat tracing project, it is important to consider the various options for monitoring and controlling your EHT systems. The use of monitoring of the circuit integrity increases the overall syste reliability as failures in the heating and power distribution systems can be reported to operations and maintenance personnel locally or at a central location. Types and methods of control and monitoring need to be chos... Read More

Top 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Electrical Heat Tracing System

Dec 06, 2017

Many aspects can influence the selection of the most appropriate control and monitoring solution for each project and application. The most effecting solutions are most often a blend of various combined technologies to achieve a balance between total installed costs (TIC) and long-term benefits associated with the entire heat management system, total operating cost (TOC), during the life of the plant. However, if you are managing a project that requires fluid tem... Read More

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and its Foreseeable Future

Oct 04, 2017

Introduction The Programmable Logic Controller is a computer designed specifically for industrial applications that range from simple lighting projects to running entire manufacturing processes. This system can perform a wide variety of functions, providing a large number of analog and digital Input/ Output (I/O) interfaces; and various communication protocols. All of the PLC's components and functions revolve around the controller, which is programmed to perform a... Read More